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Springboard offers medical device expertise to tackle COVID-19

24th March 2020

One of Springboard’s three motivations is to help peoples’ lives around the world. The current pandemic of COVID-19 is concerning…

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Let the patient decide: an autoinjector with patient-settable injection time

24th September 2018

Autoinjectors have to inject the drug within a reasonable range of time. The minimum injection time is set by potential…

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Connected drug delivery

16th July 2018

The need for connected drug delivery devices Most people would agree that drug delivery devices have improved in recent years,…

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Consultancy or manufacturer?

12th December 2017

Let us suppose you need a new product developed.  You have 3 choices: Develop the product entirely in-house. Contract a…

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The rise of the bolus injector

28th September 2017

Engineers and scientists are working hard to revolutionise the way patients take new and existing drugs. Many of the new…

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Latest news on wearable bolus (large volume) injectors

15th September 2015

We have received a great number of enquiries for the latest information on wearable bolus (large volume) injectors, especially since our…

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Hot topics in injectable drug delivery

8th August 2014

Springboard’s Tom Oakley recently presented the latest developments of bolus (large volume) injectors at 2 major international conferences: the Management…

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Latest news on Pre-Filled Syringes

6th May 2014

The recent SMi conference on Pre-Filled Syringes brought together experts from the pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and materials industries to reveal and…

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Top 3 devices from Trauma Innovation 2014

16th January 2014

I’ve just got back from the Trauma Innovation 2014 conference – Europe’s largest gathering of military, humanitarian and emergency healthcare…

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