Women in Technical Consultancy Scheme

Opportunity Details:

Springboard warmly welcomes applications from female candidates with engineering, physics or materials backgrounds. There are opportunities for undergrads, grads and postgrads and training is provided.

Springboard values diversity because it helps us to deliver better solutions to our clients. A key diversity issue is that women are under-represented and so we are working on ways to improve the balance.

Career development and work satisfaction at Springboard

  • Ethical policy. Our ethical policy ensures that we only work on projects that help people’s lives.
  • Training. All staff have a personal training budget and we are able to connect you with appropriate coaches. There are many opportunities to work in teams in diverse subjects with regular mentoring.
  • Societies, courses and consultants. We have good links with women’s engineering societies, entrepreneurship courses aimed at women and consultants across many professional skills.
  • Reports. We have a library of several recent reports and books about the gender gap on subjects such as mentoring, business leadership and national strategy.
  • Unconscious bias training. In 2017, all our staff attended a gender intelligence training day. This helped to raise awareness of the issues and promote a culture of improvement.
  • STEM. Staff can contribute to a range of STEM programmes to inspire the next generation: primary school science club; Year 10 work experience; A-level visits; Year in Industry Scheme; Internships.

Ways to find out and learn about Springboard

  • Internships. These are a great way to learn about technical consulting, and there is no need to have all the answers at the start: 10 – 12 weeks each summer for all levels including first year undergrads.
  • Fixed term positions. We sometimes have fixed-term positions of 3 – 18 months duration.
  • Open evenings. See our labs, talk to our staff and hear some presentations about life in our company.
  • Talks. We give talks in Cambridge colleges and departments. Look out for us through the usual advertising channels, and why not approach us to arrange a talk of your own?
  • Coffee. If you’d like to visit for an informal chat over coffee, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do. We are happy to answer questions and give informal feedback on CVs. We also have student reps at Cambridge who have done summer placements with us – ask us for contact details.

At this stage, the WoTeCo scheme is primarily promoted through university careers services. More information is available on any of the above by emailing careers@springboard.pro. We want to see more women in engineering careers but ultimately the power to make a change lies with you.

Agencies: Springboard does not accept candidates from recruitment agencies. Please do not contact us about recruitment.