Anaesthetic Device Development

Today’s medical treatments are placing increasing demands on technology manufacturers to deliver precise, personalised therapy without the need for intensive manual interaction. Our teams of scientists and engineers turn innovative visions into real equipment and consumables for use in both the hospital and the home.

We have experience in the control of respiratory gases, volatile anaesthetics and patient monitoring. Technical expertise includes gas flow monitoring, managing gas concentrations, adsorbent materials, selective scavenging and condensation-free humidification. Increasingly we are seeing the industry compete on features such as ease of use, maintenance, disposal and environmental sustainability.

Our teams typically evolve from physics and materials science in the early proof of principle stages, through to detailed engineering and design for manufacture within an ISO13485 certified medical device development framework. This continuity throughout the stage gates gives clients the certainty that technology advances will be turned into manufacturable products that meet commercial budgets and timelines.

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