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3 surprising delights of an ISO 13485 audit

3 December 2021

Springboard’s re-certification audit this October offered a chance to take pride in how we work and an opportunity to plan…

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Device ISO standards: turning worries into confidence

15 November 2021

Product developers must innovate continually to maintain a competitive advantage. When bringing a new idea from early R&D into detailed…

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Encouraging careers in STEM: outreach at Comberton Village College

5 November 2021

Preventing missed talent in STEM It is easy to find examples of how science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) have…

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Springboard helps clients navigate complex technology landscapes

Technology scouting for medical devices

3 November 2021

For companies that develop innovative products, selecting the right technology can be an intimidating prospect. One choice could lead to…

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No assembly required: preloading dry reagents onto lab-on-a-chip cartridges

29 October 2021

What is a lab on a chip, and why is preloading important? Lab-on-a-chip (LOAC) is a term for a set…

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Springboard sponsors Cambridge University Women in Engineering Society

26 October 2021

Springboard is very excited to be sponsoring the Cambridge University Women in Engineering Society (CUWES) this year as part of…

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The final frontier to improving low-pain injections

25 October 2021

Most people dislike injections. In some cases, that aversion comes from the pain experienced upon injection, and this discomfort can…

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