A good product can only become a success if it can be made correctly, at the right volumes, and at the right price.

Manufacture selection is a critical part of the product development process.

Should you wish to use them, our parent company, The Sanner Group offers you integrated CDMO capabilities with a seamless transition to production under ISO 13485.


From design to manufacture

Our team can help with:

  • Design for manufacture
  • Manufacturing process development
  • Test and inspection process development
  • Prototype and pilot production
  • Supplier selection
  • Transfer to production
  • Process validation and risk management
  • Process and quality control documentation

Design for production

Moving a design into production crosses boundaries between teams, and often, between companies. Navigating these boundaries is tricky. Without careful planning it can result in a loss of know-how and a fruitless blame game when things go wrong.

Springboard work across both sides of the transfer to provide continuity and clear accountability. We support your development by planning for design for manufacture and assembly activities early.

Part production and prototyping

When it comes time to produce parts, we design and run bespoke processes and development rigs in-house that best match the needs of product. We also build inspection and test equipment to check and monitor the parameters critical to quality. Prototype production is covered by our ISO 13485 certification. Our strong grounding in science and engineering means we can rapidly diagnose and analyse areas for improvement.

Partner for Commercialization

Our parent company Sanner Group is a best-in-class agile CMO. Therefore, we can offer end-to-end “in house” production with input from molding and automation experts right from the start. Multiple rapid prototyping methods, and access to aluminium tools to molding equipment offer various opportunities before scaling up into commercial manufacturing.

Beyond the partnership, we have worked with manufacturers around the world and can give you independent advice to bring products to life.

Comprehensive handovers

We maintain our involvement in a successful handover of production equipment by supporting IQ/OQ/PQ activities, operator training, trial runs, manufacturer sign-off trials, and on-going support for scale-up to production volumes.

Springboard creates process documentation, including:

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Equipment maintenance and troubleshooting manuals
  • Process FMEAs
  • Product and process quality control plans

Our proven Root Cause Analysis methodology can be applied to identify and resolve issues that occur during production.

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