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Finding solutions

We excel at working collaboratively with our clients, in order to achieve outcomes others cannot across a wide range of sectors. Find out more today.

Gx Inbeneo Autoinjector development

Find out how we worked with Midas Pharmaceuticals and Gerresheimer to design and develop their latest autoinjector.

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Marketing toolbox for the Gx Inbeneo Autoinjector

What better was to market your new autoinjector than with a working test kit to give to drug development companies to try their formulations. This is how Springboard helped to design and develop the marketing toolkit for Midas and Gerresheimer.

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Design and development of a surgical probe

Find out how we worked with Endomag to design and develop their latest Sentimag Smartprobe Slim™  to help surgeons identify the site of breast cancer in patients.

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Leak test for an implantable medical device

Verification testing is rarely simple. Find out how we overcame some challenging leak detection problems for an implantable medical device that needed to last at least 10 years without failure.

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Design and development of a safety-critical consumer product

A multinational consumer product company needed a more portable device designed for one of their best-selling products.  They came to Springboard to help redesign the product to meet the new criteria.

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Delivering the most viscous drug ever put in an autoinjector

With the patent near to expiring, our pharmaceutical client needed a delivery device for their highly viscous drug fast. We used a combination of science, engineering and mathematical skills to solve the problem in record time.

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Failure to launch sparks need for an independent design review

A well-known pharmaceutical company had recently acquired the intellectual property for a wearable insulin pump but, due to a variety of factors, the device was not ready to market, even after years of development.

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Usability study with healthcare professionals and patients

A client needed some research to understand the usability of their products from a health care provider as well as end users. Springboard helped facilitate the usability study and discovered some fascinating results.

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Research to define future product roadmaps

Find out how Springboard worked with a client to help determine their product roadmap for years to come.

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Human factors study for pen injector

The client needed feedback on the usability of a pen injector device from a targeted group of people, that included nurses and end users. Springboard helped to set up the study from start to finish.

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Delivery devices for cell and gene therapies

Novartis needed a comprehensive view of the device options available to them that could deliver their therapies. They approached us to investigate the options that were available and make recommendations.

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Haselmeier D-Flex companion web app

We worked closely with Haselmeier to develop a device-agnostic companion web application to facilitate business development for the D-flex subcutaneous pen injector platform.

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ISO 13485 Certified

All of our projects are managed with an ISO 13485 certified quality system, so quality is a habit for our team.

Our Quality Management System allows us to customise processes to fit our clients’ internal systems.

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