Endomag surgical probe development

From concept to verified design

Client: Endomag

Description: Designing and developing a surgical probe used in treatment of breast cancer

Activities: Magnetic Calculations, Prototyping, Mechanical Design, Design for manufacture, Manufacture of test devices, Verification testing.

Developing the device

Endomag have developed the innovative next generation Sentimag system which is used to guide surgeons to the site of breast cancers during surgery. It includes a Sentimag Smartprobe Slim™ which has 50% smaller volume allowing for easier access and greater visibility.

Springboard were responsible for the development of the Sentimag Smartprobe Slim™. We helped to determine initial feasibility on how to reduce the volume of the probe without compromising the magnetic sensing performance.

Following this Springboard and Endomag explored different probe concepts around the overall probe size and shape.  We produced prototypes of the chosen concept for evaluation by Endomag and then moved to design for manufacture.  Springboard produced production equivalent probes for verification testing and then performed the verification testing.  The system was approved by the FDA in January 2023.

‘The slim probe is a key part of our next generation Sentimag as it gives breast surgeons improved visibility and allows a smaller surgical incision to be used. Springboard took on the slim probe development in parallel with our internal project and were able to take it through to the pilot manufacture. This was a great help for us in terms of having a predictable timeline. I am really pleased with the project overall’

Quentin Harmer, CTO, Endomag


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