Meet the team

Our dedicated team spans a wide range of disciplines such as mechanical engineering, industrial design, scientific analysis, project management and regulatory approval and certification. We form agile and integrated project teams that function as an extension of clients’ internal staff.

Meet the team

Tom Oakley


MEng, University of Cambridge

A dedicated and widely skilled engineering consultant with flair for innovative design and business development.
Tom consistently delivers projects that produce high quality safety-critical designs for mass production.


Keith Turner


PhD and BA in Physics, University of Oxford

Experimental problem solver and innovator in all sorts of physics systems such as thermal, fluidics, mechanics and materials. Loves “getting things to work”, especially for medical devices that improve people’s lives.


Liam Malone

Principal Physicist and Management Team member

PhD in Physics, University of Bristol

With his background in fundamental physics research, Liam loves applying scientific principles to research and development problems. He is experienced at rapidly developing initial concepts into innovative and exciting new products ready to be handed over to manufacture.

Thom Wyatt

Principal Engineer and Management Team member

MEng, University of Sheffield

Thom has a broad background in safety critical engineering which he has applied to medical devices for the past four years. He enjoys getting the root of clients’ problems and applying creative, robust solutions.

Adam Nightingale

Senior Engineer (Mechanical)

MEng, University of Cambridge

Arianna Rech

Senior Engineer (Biomedical)

MRes in Bioengineering, Imperial College

Arianna’s background allows her to work at the interface between engineering, biology and chemistry. With her multidisciplinary knowledge she conducts research and designs products, ranging from large manufacturing plants to microfluidics systems.

Bella Martin


Year in Industry Student

Focused with a hands-on approach, Bella loves breaking down and solving technical problems. Her methodical nature enables her to carry out testing and data analysis to identify and resolve issues.

Bradley Sawyer

Consultant Engineer

MEng, University of Cambridge

Bradley is a mechanical engineer with experience of learning and projects from various engineering disciplines. With interests in product design, materials, and all things practical, he brings an innovative and systematic approach to his work.

Catriona Eldridge

Consultant Scientist

MSci, University of Cambridge

Catriona is a Materials Scientist with a range of experimental experience including mechanical testing and thermal analysis, and a broad knowledge of engineering materials. She enjoys new challenges and using a methodical approach to find solutions.

Ethan Miller

Consultant Physicist

Fabian Sorce

Consultant Engineer

Gabriel Villar

Principal Physicist

PhD in Biophysics, University of Oxford

Gabriel’s research background lends rigorous scientific understanding to complex technical problems. As an engineering consultant, he is accustomed to communicating that understanding effectively, and applying it to develop innovative solutions.

Gary Ewer

Principal Electronics Engineer

MEng, Imperial College London

Gary is a broad engineer with a specialism in electronics, software and systems engineering. He has previously worked on industrial robots, consumer devices, electromechanical auto injectors, medical diagnostics machines, encoding data in DNA and more.

Hamish Atkins

Consultant Engineer (Mechanical)

MEng, University of Bristol

Driven and focussed, Hamish will work with you to deliver projects to an excellent standard. He will bring a refreshing and objective view to your organisation’s science and technology challenges with his analytical eye and methodical approaches.

Heather Jameson

Senior Engineer

PhD & MEng, University of Cambridge

From her research background in aerospace engineering, Heather brings both expert knowledge of fluid dynamics and strong analytical skills. Her broad range of technical experience including laboratory testing and computational simulations, allows her to understand and tackle a problem from many angles.

Jafarr Adam

Consultant Engineer (Mechanical)

MEng, Imperial College London

An engineer with a strong understanding of engineering physics, Jafarr started his career extensively working with FEA software. His hands on approach means he is often found working in the laboratory.

Jafarr’s current engineering interests include home automation using IoT devices, LED technology and hydroponics.

Joe Batley

Senior Physicist

PhD in Physics, University of Leeds

As an experimental physicist, Joe’s experience spans engineering and fundamental science. With a critical eye, he is adept at breaking down technical scenarios, identifying constraints and developing practical solutions from the lab to the nanoscale.

Jordan Eriksen

Consultant Engineer

MEng, University of Cambridge

Jordan is a mechanical engineer with a background in fluid dynamics and turbomachinery. Having strong practical skills backed-up by a broad understanding of engineering, Jordan can problem solve effectively and add value to any project he is working on.

Julie Garner


Julie is part of our finance team, dealing with accounts payable functions, processing invoices and helping to maintain an efficient finance department. She is also responsible for a variety of front-of-house tasks.

Kamaal de Silva

Senior Engineer (Mechanical)

MEng, Imperial College London

Experienced engineer specialising in medical device design – keen to discover problems in the industry and construct innovative mechanical or digital solutions. From connected app development to the mechanics of drug delivery, Kamaal adds flexibility and expert knowledge to Springboard.

Kristien De Clercq

Senior Engineer (Aeronautical)

M.Sc. Delft University of Technology, NL

Kristien is an experienced engineer with a keen interest in biomechanics and aerodynamics. With a very hands-on approach she quickly gets ideas off the ground.

Kush Patel

Consultant Engineer

MEng, University of Bath

Kush is a Mechanical Engineer that relishes solving complicated problems through a combination of theoretical modelling, hands on design, and validation testing. He enjoys getting into the detail and asking the right questions to deliver an optimised solution.

Omar Shah

Consultant Scientist

MSci, University of Cambridge

Omar is a materials scientist specialising in metallurgy and metal processing. A keen tinkerer, he enjoys the opportunity to get his hands dirty in the lab.

Philip Howie

Principal Scientist (Materials)

PhD, University of Cambridge

With a broad scientific background, Philip is ideally placed to carry out in-depth investigations that deliver solutions. He adds breadth to Springboard’s team, bringing specialist knowledge of the properties and testing of engineering materials.

Rachel Lewis

Senior Engineer (Mechanical)

MEng, University of Cambridge

Rachel is a mechanical engineer with experience on a range of projects from coding and mathematical modelling through to mechanical design and testing. Her strong theoretical background allows for quick understanding of new challenges.

Rob Udale

Senior Engineer (Mechanical)

MEng, University of Cambridge

A skilled and creative engineer whose flexible approach enables him to develop novel and reliable products, throughout the medical design space.
Rob’s experience and effective leadership style allow him to lead projects that deliver successful outcomes for clients.

Victor Gomez


Year in Industry Student

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