Scientific, Industrial and Robotics

Science, mechanical engineering, electronics, and software all combine to make ideas come to life.

Scientific instrumentation and complex robotic devices are specialist areas where science, mechanical engineering, electronics, and software all combine to make ideas come to life.

Springboard works with clients anywhere on their journey from early-stage scientific investigation to more established development projects needing design for manufacture.

Whether you’re trying to solve a thorny technical problem that could benefit from an extra pair of eyes, or you want to expand your team’s capacity and accelerate the development of the next generation of your product, Springboard has a diverse and multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers on standby to help you.

Measurement process control

In the field of device development, production volumes can be enormous, and extremely high reliability is demanded by regulators and customers alike.

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Biotech filtration and infection control

From anti-microbial barriers to sterilisation processes, designing for sterility is an intrinsic part of medical device development. Understanding the science of filtration and the engineering behind a device are essential in creating and validating a safe patient experience.

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Analytical materials science

The integrity and behaviour of the materials that you use for your devices are intrinsic parts of the design.

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Software and robotics

Whether it’s designing a cutting-edge surgical device to developing a robot that requires an algorithm for a closed loop navigation system our expertise in engineering, biomedical science and software development are perfectly paired to offer a holistic approach to developing and designing robotics.

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ISO 13485 Certified

All of our projects are managed with an ISO 13485 certified quality system, so quality is a habit for our team.

Our Quality Management System allows us to customise processes to fit our clients’ internal systems.

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