Springboard sectors

Springboard has worked across a multitude of sectors. The scope of our multidisciplinary team offers wide-ranging knowledge that lends itself to collaborative solutions.

Finding solutions

We excel at working collaboratively with our clients, in order to achieve outcomes others cannot across a wide range of sectors. Find out more today.

Drug delivery

We work on full device development projects, as well as problem solving and risk analysis of devices already in development or on the market to reduce risk and minimise cost. From injectors, inhalation devices to infusion pumps we are well versed in the right device for your drug.

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Developing non-invasive diagnostic devices, whether for use in clinical settings or for patient use at home, is a core part of patient health. From lab-on-a-chip diagnostics to EWOD microfluidic devices, we have worked with clients to solve some of the complexities of bringing diagnostic devices to fruition.

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Medical devices

Trust Springboard to bring your ideas to life. Our multidisciplinary teams have the experience to help you move your ideas forward. Fast turnaround times on all projects in a process driven structure offers business managers the confidence that we are adhering to deadlines and financial boundaries while offering high quality designs.

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Consumers demand a lot from products and when competition is rife, we help clients understand market needs and deliver products to meet them. We thrive on working on product design and development in such a demanding sector and enjoy identifying ways to make your ideas come to life.

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Scientific, Industrial and Robotic

Scientific instrumentation and complex robotic devices are specialist areas where science, mechanical engineering, electronics, and software all combine to make ideas come to life. We have helped a number of clients realise their ideas and successfully market their new products.

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Project support for start ups

As a start-up, you’re used to wearing many hats: marketing, accounts, sales, facilities manager and coffee maker. That’s a lot to focus on over and above your expertise and your idea.

Why not speak to us about utilising the team at Springboard? See it as your ready-made lab, workshop and experienced team you can tap into that can help make your idea into a reality.

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ISO 13485 Certified

All of our projects are managed with an ISO 13485 certified quality system, so quality is a habit for our team.

Our Quality Management System allows us to customise processes to fit our clients’ internal systems.

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