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Robot-assisted surgical trends in 2023 and beyond

14 December 2022

Robotic-assisted surgery has been making its way into the operating room (OR) for decades, boosting minimally invasive general surgery, enhancing…

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How can a wooden plank help amputees ride a bike?

30 November 2022

At Springboard we are combining our technical ability and charitable efforts to work on a project with Humanos3D, a charity…

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Drug delivery via injection

Taking the Sting out of Vaccines

28 November 2022

Cast your mind into the future and imagine the world in the grips of the next global respiratory pandemic. We…

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Climate change and the pharmaceutical industry: too little, too late?

15 November 2022

Governments and companies across the world have made ambitious commitments to reducing their environmental impact. For example, 55 countries at…

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Walk through Springboard project process and facilities

8 November 2022

We’re proud of the work that we do, and each and every project goes through a stringent process, starting with…

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Trends in intensive care medicine

31 October 2022

Springboard recently attended the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) conference in Paris. A truly international event, it was…

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