Best Practices Handling Material Changes For Medical Devices

26 March 2024

Medical device companies are heavily reliant on injection-molded plastic components, which might be produced either in-house or through a contract…

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Lab-On-Chip Devices: Materials Considerations

18 March 2024

Material selection and testing can often be one of the critical challenges to developing microfluidic devices for the healthcare and…

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3D Resin printer

Using 3D Resin Printers for Early Product Design

11 March 2024

Rapid Prototyping with 3D Printers Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing can be a powerful tool when working on early-stage product design….

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Design controls in medical device development: Ensuring safety and quality

20 June 2023

The development of medical devices is a complex and highly regulated process that requires meticulous attention to detail and a…

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Transfer to manufacture: selecting a partner

1 February 2023

It is a nightmare scenario: you have a great product and commercial opportunity, but you are going to be late…

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Sustainable development

Top five tips for sustainable device design

10 October 2022

Following COP26, device manufacturers are facing increasing pressure both from government and from consumers to reduce the environmental impact of…

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Challenges in developing lab-on-a-chip devices

1 March 2022

Lab-on-a-chip (LOAC) devices are miniaturised systems that process or test small volumes of liquid. Efforts to develop such devices are…

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Example lab work

Springboard offers medical device expertise to tackle COVID-19

24 March 2020

One of Springboard’s three motivations is to help peoples’ lives around the world. The current pandemic of COVID-19 is concerning…

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Strategies for faster R&D: Change one variable at a time

27 June 2019

  When the Wright brothers were trying to make their great aeronautical leap forward, they didn’t just throw feathers and…

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