Pharmaceutical Industry Sustainability Targets, One Year On

22 May 2024

In the October 2022 “Drug Delivery & Environmental Sustainability” issue of ONdrugDelivery, We discussed climate-related targets set by 10 major pharmaceutical companies, along…

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Shaping the future of healthcare: Data, AI and Us

8 May 2024

Mike Beck, our Head of Electronics spent some time in Boston at the Device Talks Conference last week. Here are…

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Simplified illustration of LNP and its constituent components. Based on illustrations from Albertsen (2022).

Bubble-Wrapped Remedies: How Lipid-Encased Therapeutics Could Transform Inhalation

30 April 2024

Introduction In a post-COVID-19 era we have witnessed a notable shift in vaccine development with the advent of lipid nanoparticle…

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Start up grant networking

Springboard Pro to Host Networking Event for Startups in the Medical Device and Diagnostic Sphere

24 April 2024

Springboard Pro, a leading engineering consultancy, is pleased to announce its upcoming networking event tailored specifically for startups operating in…

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Lab-On-Chip Devices: Materials Considerations

18 March 2024

Material selection and testing can often be one of the critical challenges to developing microfluidic devices for the healthcare and…

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Bridging the gap: Adapting hospital equipment for home use

5 February 2024

The healthcare landscape is evolving, and one of the significant shifts is the increasing emphasis on home-based care. As technology…

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The final frontier to improving low-pain injections

25 January 2024

Most people dislike injections. In some cases, that aversion comes from the pain experienced upon injection, and this discomfort can…

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From Concept to Cure: Mastering Liquid Silicone Rubber for Medical Device Design

23 January 2024

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is frequently used in implants due to its bio-inert nature, meaning that it has a very…

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How Energy Models trim 80% from Root Cause investigation time

12 December 2023

In the drug delivery sector, time really is money. Every day spent developing a drug delivery system increases development costs…

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