Shaping the future of healthcare: Data, AI and Us

8 May 2024

Mike Beck, our Head of Electronics spent some time in Boston at the Device Talks Conference last week. Here are…

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Human Factors Considerations For Your Emergency Use Drug Delivery Device

6 December 2023

Emergency use devices have been a long-standing part of the drug-device combination product market, with early autoinjectors being developed for…

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Designing for Good: Harnessing the Power of UX for Social Impact

5 December 2023

User experience (UX) design has become a critical element in shaping how people interact with devices. Beyond creating aesthetically pleasing…

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Tips and tricks for user-centric design

27 September 2023

Leanne Yip, Head of Design and Usability outlines some tips and tricks for designing patient-centric medical devices. As humans, we…

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5 key reasons to use industrial design when developing a product

19 September 2023

Industrial design drives innovation and builds business success. It’s not just about making things look good, but also about making…

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Product design, user experience and gender equality – can it work?

8 March 2023

The theme for International Women’s Day this year focusses on gender equality. We want to take a look at how…

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UX design can make or break your product

7 February 2023

UX design to influence a change in behaviour from the user and how that can be used to improve adherence…

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The future of diabetes care with a user-centered approach

15 August 2022

MedTech Navigator’s “The Future of Diabetes Care” seminar highlighted that whilst developments in the treatment of diabetes have been extraordinary…

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Adobe-screens-on-watch drug delivery app

The wrong user interface can be unbearable to use. How can you avoid this?

21 April 2022

User experience (UX) explores how a customer interacts with a system, and how they feel when using it. The UX…

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