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EHRA 2023: A new era for electrophysiology?

19 April 2023

The European Heart Rhythm Association’s annual meeting brings together leading scientists, healthcare professionals, and the MedTech industry from across the…

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Organ-On-Chip Devices Show Promise In Drug Discovery

17 April 2023

There is growing interest in the potential uses for organ-on-chip devices as a novel tool for drug discovery. These devices…

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The next generation of microneedles; harnessing a billion years of evolution

12 April 2023

In this article, we consider examples of nature’s solutions to four challenges faced by microneedles for drug delivery. For each challenge,…

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A Sight for Sore Eyes: Challenges and Innovations in Ophthalmic Drug Delivery

20 March 2023

Ethan Miller and Kristien De Clercq discuss recent advancements and current challenges in the field of ophthalmology, including the trend towards preservative-free multidose…

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Product design, user experience and gender equality – can it work?

8 March 2023

The theme for International Women’s Day this year focusses on gender equality. We want to take a look at how…

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Ablation devices: The current landscape and emerging technologies

1 March 2023

As few incisions and as small as possible is the overwhelming trend in current surgical treatments, a trend strongly driven by…

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