Analytical material sciences

The integrity and behaviour of the materials that you use for your devices are intrinsic parts of the design. Understanding the chemical, mechanical and surface properties of materials is a science in itself, and specialist knowledge within these areas can speed up decision-making and reduce device development time.

Our team of materials scientists thrive on understanding your needs and finding a solution, whether it’s quantifying the wettability of a substance, the surface energy, chemical properties, compatibility with biological cells, or corrosion rate.

We use our wealth of experience of materials testing, covering the full spectrum from mechanical testing to chemical analysis, to help clients determine the best material for their device. We’re plugged into a network of trusted laboratories and suppliers, which means that there’s no limit to the breadth and variety of techniques we can bring to bear on a project. Think of us as your one-stop shop for understanding – not just data. We’re here to help.

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