Dose meters and dispensers

Dose meters and dispensers are used in a vast range of products, ranging across industries from consumer healthcare, fastmoving consumer goods, home and garden products, cosmetics, drug delivery, and many more.

Most dispensers have common requirements which Springboard can deliver:

  • Ease of use (also called usability or human factors). Dispensers should be intuitive and require low forces and displacements.
  • Dose accuracy. Dispensers and dose meters should have repeatable doses under different environmental conditions (such as temperature, humidity, and orientation) and under different load cases (such as the user pressing harder or further).
  • Manufacturability. Often the design needs to be suitable for automated manufacture with zero-defects.
  • Low environmental impact. It is increasingly important to make dispensers reusable, multidose, propellant-free, and minimise use of raw materials.

Springboard develops and designs dispensers and dose meters by understanding:

  1. The fundamental physics of pressure, flow resistance, flow rate, droplet generation, and turbulence.
  2. The materials science involved in viscosity, hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity, surface tension, corrosion, and the mechanics of solids.
  3. How to convert a concept design into a manufacturable production device.

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