Designing injectors

Springboard has many years of experience designing and developing autoinjectors, pen injectors, on-body delivery systems, and needlestick safety systems for our clients. We also perform design, development, and characterisation of primary packaging components and systems such as syringes, cartridges, vials, septums, plungers and stoppers.

We work on full device development projects, as well as problem solving and risk analysis of devices already in development or on the market to reduce time to market, reduce risk, and minimise cost.

Our team of experienced experts span the disciplines of human factors, concept generation, detailed engineering design, engineering science, design for manufacture-and-assembly, materials science, drug-device interactions, electronics, software, and regulatory support.

In addition, we have specialist experience in developing and proving devices for emergency therapies which require extremely high reliability, and demanding applications such as ophthalmic and catheter-delivered therapies.

Projects follow a human-centred approach to ensure that users such as patients, healthcare professionals and carers find the devices safe, effective, and even enjoyable to use. We strive for user preference even for the most complex indications and difficult-to-deliver therapies such as viscous biologics and cell-and-gene therapies.

All projects are delivered within our ISO 13485-accredited Quality Management System, and regulatory documents are created and updated throughout the development process.

Our aim is to develop injection devices that fit for your business case and strategic objectives and deliver safely and effectively every time.

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