In vitro diagnostics

In recent years, the healthcare sector has seen a huge increase in demand for in vitro diagnostics (IVD) innovation. Increasing healthcare costs have created a push to keep patients out of hospitals by making greater use of IVD systems for Point of Care testing. At the same time, a drive for better patient outcomes and the development of precision treatments with companion diagnostics has driven a need for novel diagnostic technologies.

Key challenges in this area often include: designing consumables for manufacture and scalability, developing full ‘sample-to-answer’ workflows whilst minimising user steps, reducing time to results, increasing throughput, and increasing accuracy (both sensitivity and specificity). 

At Springboard, we work with our clients to develop complete IVD solutions with our specialist knowledge of sensing technologies, fluid handling/microfluidics, materials science, and thermal control. Combined with extensive experience of the process for designing and manufacturing medical devices and consumables, we are able to take innovative technologies for IVD from the lab to the market. 

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