In vivo diagnostics

As consumer wearable technology becomes more mainstream, we are seeing an increasing cross-over of medical technology into our daily lives. As these devices become more sophisticated and capable of providing more information about the wearer, there is an increasing opportunity for in vivo diagnostics (IVD’s) to make significant improvements to people’s health. 

To realise this potential, it is vital that these new devices are developed with the same level of rigour as traditional medical devices. Springboard are able to apply our extensive experience of the medical industry with our specialist knowledge of complex physics and sensing to create robust designs and reliable products. 

Understanding the user is also key to success. This is true for all product developments but particularly so for on body devices where the user is required to wear the device for an extended period. Our extensive experience developing on body drug delivery devices translates well to the considerations needed of wearable diagnostics, and our team’s capabilities in usability engineering and industrial design ensure that all of our design put the user first. 

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