Respiratory diagnostics

Reduced patient trauma and shorter recovery times are important drivers in the healthcare industry.

There is an increasing drive to treat patients in their home environment as much as possible, improving patient independence via home monitoring. This results in the need for devices suitable for homecare, which are economical, easy to use and easy to manufacture, whilst still maintaining reliable performance.

Our engineers and scientists have the capabilities required to develop homecare devices, such as FeNO, spirometer and sleep monitoring technologies, where it is necessary to understand the science of the sensors as well as good engineering design and volume production requirements. We also have expertise in human factors and developing connected devices.

Hospital equipment manufacturers also work with Springboard to improve the accuracy and performance of their technology. Examples include more accurate and rapid measurement of gas concentrations and flow rates in ventilators, and imaging diagnostics such as bronchoscopes.

Following our ISO 13485 accredited quality management system, we can bring your device all the way from early feasibility studies, through to V&V and transfer to manufacture.

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