Our end-to-end experience in developing transdermal drug delivery devices helps clients to get their device to market. The complexity in dosage variability alone means that our deep knowledge and experience enables us to design and develop a successful device for our clients. But we don’t just stop there.

We understand that in order for a design to have an impact, it needs to deliver at every stage of the development process from sourcing materials, having a sustainable supply chain and manufacturability.

Optimal manufacturing processes are a key component to market success, and we are rigorous in our quality management processes and adhere to ISO 13485 regulatory controls at each step of the project. We can help source the best materials and delivery method to suit the viscosity of the drug itself, whether that is via microneedles, solid microneedles or coated microneedles. A key part of the projects we deliver for our clients focuses on scalability and sustainability of the device life cycle that offers a competitive edge with rapid routes to market.

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