Designing for the wellness market means making the complicated simple and easy to use. In recent years, smart devices and wearable technology in the consumer space are breaking all the records for inspiring design and development for the end user. To make an impact, mass production of wellness products is a priority for our clients, and careful consideration of materials and manufacturer processes are key to scalability and success.

Springboard approaches designing for the wellness sector with the same level of intensity and consideration that we have in our regulated market projects. This ensures that the design is focused, and your brief is delivered. We have experience in user group surveys, prototyping and testing to ensure the device we are designing meets user needs.

Sensors and data algorithms give us a way of gathering and analysing data such as oxygen levels, temperature, and ECG. At Springboard, through our electronics, software, and product design experience, we have knowledge in implementing these sensors into breakthrough products that deliver a valuable user experience.

So, whether you have an idea for a new fitness application, wearable device or machine that can contribute to a better lifestyle, get in touch today to find out how we can make that a reality.