Wound care

Wound care in a vast and complex industry where much needs to be learnt. We have worked with a number of clients making huge strides in learning and developing high tech solutions that are geared towards helping solve some of the key issues in chronic wound care.

Chronic wound care is complex and costs health services around the world but, using the clever innovations we have helped to develop, our clients are making in-roads in solving some of the key issues.

Technological advances in understanding biofilm development and the aetiology of a wound help to define how to develop devices that can help patients and health care professionals alike. Monitoring the progress or regression of a wound is important in understanding the impact of the solution being used and technological advances are making great strides in this area.

With such a large industry, solutions need to be scalable. Springboard’s multidisciplinary teams with biologic and physic knowledge, coupled with our engineering process and manufacturing experience, develop solutions that are scalable and sustainable. Designing for the end user is critical in developing would care solutions and we have helped develop and design point of care solutions with built in technology to monitor the progression of the wound.

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