Male leaders need your help to address gender inequality in the workplace – here’s how (Part 1 of 3)

27 June 2019

This blog originally appeared on the Cambridge Association for Women in Science and Engineering website. Women make up 50% of…

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3 sure steps to faster R&D

21 September 2018

Are you an R&D manager who would like to get your products to market more quickly? You may have suffered…

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Nanopatterning for medical applications

6 September 2018

Nanotechnology appears in popular culture as a cure for everything from cancer to balding. In science nanotechnology is an umbrella…

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What does ‘rapid’ really mean?

30 July 2018

One of the real strengths of working with a consultancy is the ability to increase the size of your team,…

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The latest developments in Connected Drug Delivery Devices

6 June 2018

Springboard’s Tom Oakley summarises Connected Drug Delivery Devices in the introduction to the latest OnDrugDelivery magazine issue. For more information,…

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Rapid, world-class and ethical: the story of Springboard

14 May 2018

Click on the title text below to see the full article… Rapid, world-class and ethical: Springboard Scale-Up Story

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Profile of Rob Udale: an engineer at Springboard

10 May 2018

What is a typical project like? During my two years at Springboard there has been no such thing as a…

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Profile of Thom Wyatt: an engineer at Springboard

19 March 2018

Thom is a Project Engineer working mainly on innovative medical devices at Springboard since 2015.  Thom explains more… “A project…

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Springboard’s primary school partner gains national science award

18 December 2017

Springboard believes in inspiring the next generation of scientists and so engages in outreach activities at all ages. For the…

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