Interesting finds as Springboard helps local charity

26 October 2022

As part of our annual targets each team member gives a day of their time towards a chosen charitable activity. This not only helps our local community but benefits the team at Springboard as well.

This week a few of the Springboard team were back at Abbey Fields, a local charity that supports the green spaces in a village just up the road. We helped here earlier this year where we did some much-needed clearing.

Yesterday our focus was to improve the paths and neaten up the main entrance to make it look more appealing to visitors. There was a large mound of earth at the entrance, and we were tasked with clearing that away. We were intrigued to find some unusual treasures in the soil, from a scythe to fish and flowers (plastic)! The best find of the day, however, was a cute little ceramic dog statue.

We have done several things over the years, from collecting Christmas trees to helping design products for communities around the world that can help them in their everyday lives. It’s a great day out of our usual routine, made even better by the fact that we are doing a little bit to help others at the same time.