Top healthcare and medical devices at CES 2024

12 February 2024

CES 2024 was a whirlwind of innovation, showcasing the latest advancements in AI, futuristic transparent TVs, and the ever-charming ball-shaped robot assistants like the beloved Ballie! Amidst the excitement, we delved into the realm of healthcare and medical devices, handpicking standout products for their exceptional design, usability, and cutting-edge technology. Here are our noteworthy selections:

  1. Arterya: Blood’Up – Addressing the challenge of arterial blood gas tests, Arterya’s device aids caregivers in locating arteries with ease, reducing patient discomfort. Its instant artery detection using a light system instils confidence in users, ensuring correct procedures every time.
  2. Exorenal: xKidney – Revolutionizing hemodialysis, xKidney boasts unparalleled portability and performance, rivaling hospital-grade devices. Its patient-centric design simplifies setup and maintenance, enhancing patient experience and outcomes.
  3. Healthcare Vision – Redefining glucose monitoring with inclusivity in mind, Healthcare Vision’s non-invasive measurement makes monitoring accessible to all. Using a light system to penetrate the skin, it eliminates the need for lancets, catering to health and wellness enthusiasts and diabetes patients alike.
  4. Nurolutions: Ipsihand – Harnessing brain activity post-stroke, Ipsihand leverages EEG technology to retrain the brain for motor control, offering hope to patients with disabled limbs. Through repeated therapy, it strengthens neural connections, facilitating recovery and independence.
  5. Opteev: Breath Analyser – In the midst of illness uncertainty, Opteev’s Breath Analyser provides clarity within 60 seconds, analysing virus particles’ charge for respiratory infections. Rechargeable and offering 100 uses per cartridge, it stands as a sustainable alternative to traditional testing kits.

At CES 2024, these innovations underscored the transformative potential of technology in healthcare, promising brighter, healthier futures for all.

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Written by Leanne Yip, Industrial Design Lead.