Springboard sponsors primary school science day

20 November 2015

Springboard recently sponsored Science Day at Fen Drayton Primary School near Cambridge. The whole school devoted the entire day to exploring numerous aspects of physics, chemistry and biology through a series of hands-on experiments. Among the many subjects were:

  • What is blood made of?
  • What causes clouds?
  • How can you make crazy putty?
  • How do rockets work?
  • What are molecules made of?

The Head Teacher, Mrs Claire Turner, said that the company’s support raised the importance of science in the children’s minds because they could see that a real engineering-science company was interested in their learning. In addition, it helped to buy safety glasses and supplies for the day.

“Some of the children will likely work in the Cambridge science industry one day, and the day was a good way to ignite their enthusiasm”, she said.

Springboard’s ethos includes a strong element of mentoring and developing staff in their continuous learning, and so reaching out to primary school children is a way of starting that process right at an early stage.

But the final word on the matter goes to the children who wrote thank you letters to the company.

“It was great fun.” Ellie

“What I enjoyed was every single bit. And what I learnt was that science is so FUN!” Connor

“I learnt that some times some stuff don’t work.” Lilly-Rose

“Well, you made science day be the best day of my life.” Rhys