Start up Grant Aims to Support Medical Device Industry Innovation

26 March 2024

Springboard Pro proudly announces the launch of its 2024 Start-up Grant. This program is specifically tailored to assist fledgling medical device start-ups in the design and development of early-phase concepts with a £20,000 Springboard project.

The journey from concept to commercialization can be daunting for start-up ventures, often impeded by financial constraints and resource limitations. Recognising these challenges, Springboard is offering support to emerging innovators, providing an experienced and broad skilled team to boost the winning startup’s concept design development and increase their chances of successful commercialization.

“Our Start-up Grant Program is designed to empower visionary entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary resources and expertise to transform their ideas into tangible solutions.” said Tom Oakley, Head of Device Design and Development at Springboard.

The Start-up Grant Program offers a comprehensive suite of benefits tailored to meet the unique needs of early-phase medical device start-ups, including:

  • Expert Mentorship:

Winners will gain access to a network of experts who will provide invaluable guidance throughout the development process, offering insights into regulatory compliance, market strategy, and technological advancements.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Grant recipients will have access to Springboard’s cutting-edge facilities, equipped with advanced technologies and resources essential for rapid prototyping, testing, and validation of medical device prototypes.

Applications for the Startup Grant are now open and entries should be received by 31st May 2024. To qualify for the grant, startups should be:

  • Developing a novel medical device or life science technology which fits with Springboard’s mission to improve people’s lives around the world
  • Have secured angel or seed funding
  • Able to use Springboard’s time for concept development and planning within the second half of 2024

Any entrepreneurs with innovative concepts and a passion for driving positive change in healthcare and the life sciences are encouraged to apply.

“Our mission is to catalyse innovation and drive progress within the medical device industry,” added Tom. “Through the Start-up Grant Program, we aim to empower the next generation of healthcare pioneers, propelling them towards success and ultimately enhancing patient care.”

For more information about Springboard’s Start-up Grant Program and to apply, please visit Springboard’s startup grant 2024 | Springboard