What engineers and scientists look for in an ideal job

24 March 2016

We know how it feels.  You have a passion for engineering and science from an early age. You want to use your brain power and creativity to make a positive and exciting contribution to the world.  You work hard for years through your education culminating in a top degree or doctorate from one of the best universities.  You should find a job which recognises and rewards that passion. Shouldn’t you?

We remember what it was like ourselves, and we asked our staff of top engineers and scientists what they looked for in their ideal job…

Making a positive contribution to the world

Most talented engineers and scientists want to their abilities for worthwhile and productive causes. We want to solve problems, not cause them. That’s why Springboard has an ethical policy which means we won’t work on things which cause more harm than good like weapons.  Our staff take great satisfaction that they will be proud of what they have achieved.

Variety is the spice of life

There is huge diversity in the range of products and problems that Springboard is asked to work on.  If we specialise at all, it is in doing things well!

You would find the variety thrilling, challenging and rewarding all at the same time.

Career development

Excellent people want, and deserve, excellent opportunities. That is why we at Springboard spend a lot of time mentoring each other in good practice, new techniques or just interesting ways of thinking about things. We also give a personal training budget to spend on what you think is most important for your development.

Keeping it real

There are many jobs out there where you can work your socks off and still not make much impact in the real world.  It is different at Springboard: all of the devices we design are on their path to production where they can then make a real difference to peoples’ lives – and you might get to say, “I did that!”

In summary, we understand what you are looking for because we are looking for the same things, and we built a company with that in mind. You will not be surprised to find that some of the most important elements that people look for in a job are the same as the key motivations for starting Springboard.

If you are a bright and passionate engineer or scientist looking for a truly rewarding job, please get in touch.