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Profile of Rob Udale: an engineer at Springboard

10 May 2018

What is a typical project like? During my two years at Springboard there has been no such thing as a…

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Profile of Thom Wyatt: an engineer at Springboard

19 March 2018

Thom is a Project Engineer working mainly on innovative medical devices at Springboard since 2015.  Thom explains more… “A project…

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beaker and flask

Springboard’s primary school partner gains national science award

18 December 2017

Springboard believes in inspiring the next generation of scientists and so engages in outreach activities at all ages. For the…

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Consultancy or manufacturer?

12 December 2017

Let us suppose you need a new product developed.  You have 3 choices: Develop the product entirely in-house. Contract a…

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International clientèle fuels Springboard growth

4 December 2017

A new article in the popular Business Weekly magazine explains how demand for Springboard’s device development expertise from multinational clients…

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Springboard moves into new premises

26 October 2017

Fast-growing product and technology innovator Springboard has expanded into larger offices at St John’s Innovation Park in Cambridge, UK, having…

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